One solution for all your organizational challenges linked to the management the exchange the collection the spreading of information

Plugnotes helps « on-the-go » entrepreneurs and enterprises digitize and organize the daily management of information and files within their company, between teams or with third parties. Sans développement informatique, ni formations spécifiques, ni investissements exorbitants.


Digital classification of all your documents, unique storage of all your information, tracking of expenses and purchase invoices, timesheets, supplier directory, follow-up of contract, procedures and manuals, insurances...

Human Resources

Tracking absences for staff, managing insurances and incidents, updating staff records.

Commercial and sourcing

Implementation visit reports for agents on the road, clients directories, managing customer requests and complaints, digital spreading of commercial support, management of technical sheets for products...


Digital spreading of documentation, tracking incidents or anomalies in a warehouse, dispatching of carriers, tracking equipment and manuals...

Client challenges resolved
more efficient
more productive
time saved / week

A simple and flexible interface

To manage and update your data and files

1. identify the needs

Identify the challenges related to the management and exchange of information and files on the field: on construction sites, in warehouses, on the road, at trade fairs …


2. Set up solutions in minutes

Through a simple and flexible interface, import a template or configure a form for each need in a few minutes. This form will allow your teams to structure the collection and exchange of information and files.

3. implement the solution without efforts

From or even without the application, collaborators or third parties on the field can:

  • Fill out your digital forms. Their file will be classified directly in the right folder. For example: timesheets, absence report, follow-up of delivery notes, follow-up of anomalies, report of commercial visit, site report, inventory, after-sales service …
  • Consult dynamic directories of information and files: monitoring of equipments, monitoring of procedures, distribution of digital documentation, distribution of presentations, etc.

The teams in charge can access, update and use the information and files in the form of a dynamic form or tables.

travailleur on-the-go

4. Take advantage of immediate benefits

+ 30% productivity: no more wasting time with paper supports, transcriptions, endless searches

100% efficiency: no more destructured exchanges by email, telephone, etc.

5 hours per week saved on average per solution implemented: no more problems that last and that waste your time

The solution is at your fingertips

IOS, android,desktop and soon web

App store

Available on all your iOS devices: iPhone, iPad...

google play

Available on all your Android devices: Samsung, Lenovo...


Available on demand on your Windows devices (soon on MAC)

They trust us, do you ?

Small and medium enterprises, independent workers and active adults

The Barn

Follow-up of deliveries

Learn how Plugnotes helped The Barn centralize the follow-up of their deliveries. Allowing their accounting team to easily set up a management control tool and save half a man day per week.

Elle Belgique

Event organisation

Learn how the ELLE Active Forum uses Plugnotes to prepare for its event, collect speaker details and share presentation materials with visitors on D-Day.


Visits report

Find out how Chehoma implemented a tailor-made solution to obtain visiting reports from its agents around the world. Making them 35% more productive. Without any training or learning required.

Assets for each of you

to collect, share and manage files and information efficiently

Freelance, entrepreneur, professionel

For active adults

Souvenirs, favorite urls, medical records, insurance, contracts … Let Plugnotes guide you to manage your files and info at any time.

For independent workers

Timesheets, inspirations, invoices, contacts, social documents … Let Plugnotes guide you to manage your files and information at any time.
Entreprise, petite et moyenne entreprise, équipe, business, collaborateurs

For businesses

Monitoring of delivery notes, stocks, dissemination of procedures … Configure yourself a solution adapted to each organizational problem.

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