The solution to solve operational challenges without IT development investments training complexes

Plugnotes automates processes requiring mobile capture or efficient use of data and files. Configure the solution yourself in minutes and make it available to all your employees and other stakeholders for an immediate start - all without coding or training

Ligthen your IT teams

Unclog their planning by digitizing certain processes by yourself in a few minutes, without technical skills

Collaborate effectively

Make it available to all your employees and other stakeholders on the field or in the offices for an immediate start, with no training required

Stay up to date

Collect all the data and files related to your activity to easily analyze them and improve your processes, wherever you are

Reduce your costs

Avoid development, consultancy and license integration expenses by discovering a flexible solution at an advantageous price

Save a lot of time

Organize and digitize your processes to avoid your teams the work of transcription, centralization, research ...

Increase your income

Improve the processes in place and make data-driven decisions to increase the daily ROI of your business

A simple and flexible interface

To organize information flows with ease

1. identify the needs

Where could you further digitize the management and exchange of information and files within your organization? Can you identify inefficiencies within your offices, field teams or in collaboration with third parties?


2. Set up solutions in minutes

Do you see the benefit of being able to configure Plugnotes on your own without IT skills?

Through the flexible web or mobile interface, you can import an existing template or configure a digital form for each of these needs in a few minutes.

3. implement the solution without efforts

What do you think of a tailor-made application that you could make available within the hour for an ad-hoc or recurring need?  ?

Your teams or other third parties can immediately  :

  • Complete your digital forms; their Plugnote will go directly to the correct folder
  • Consult the dynamic directories of information and files
  • Access, update and use information and files in the form of dynamic sheets, tables or directly in your other integrated tools
travailleur on-the-go

4. Take advantage of immediate benefits

No more wasting time with paper supports, transcriptions, endless research. No more unstructured exchanges by email, phone … Save your teams 3 hours per week.


Integrate Plugnotes with your existing tools to automate your workflows and empower your teams to be even more productive.

  • Coming soon: Connect your tools yourself with Zapier
  • Contact us for an inventory of your tools. Our team will do what is necessary to connect your systems for maximum fluidity
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Client challenges resolved
Completed Plugnotes
Saved / month / SME

Assets for each of you

to collect, distribute, manage files and information efficiently

Retail and distribution

Allow warehouse or sales teams to capture and consult data and files on the go: cards, notes, photos, scans …


Automate your manual procedures in a few minutes and finish with notes and paper documents: security procedures, quality monitoring …


Allow your carriers and receivers to transmit the trip logbook, the documents received from a mobile device / tablet!


Digitize the management of your business in a few minutes to always have the right information at your fingertips from a tablet: customer files, storage spaces, taking quotes …


Allow your visitors to instantly consult, via QR-codes, structured directories that you have shared with them: business cards, presentations, etc.

They trust us, do you ?

Small and medium enterprises, independent workers and active adults

The Barn

Follow-up of deliveries

Learn how Plugnotes helped The Barn centralize the follow-up of their deliveries. Allowing their accounting team to easily set up a management control tool and save half a man day per week.

Elle Belgique

Event organisation

Learn how the ELLE Active Forum uses Plugnotes to prepare for its event, collect speaker details and share presentation materials with visitors on D-Day.


Visits report

Find out how Chehoma implemented a tailor-made solution to obtain visiting reports from its agents around the world. Making them 35% more productive. Without any training or learning required.

An efficient and all-terrain method

To create structured forms and directories and take advantage of an innovative exchange system

To easily centralize contracts and track their next termination date as well as their terms in order to avoid being subject to automatic forced renewals.

To easily provide access to a file by equipment with its manual, copy of the purchase invoice, expiry of the warranty, the technician’s contact details. This information can be accessed via a QR-code written on each device.

To be informed, instantly and of any new incident. Through the form, each claim is listed by the teams from a mobile phone or PC and makes it possible to collect all the elements (declarations, photos, emails, etc.) in a single system and to transmit them to others if necessary.

To centralize the record of absences and avoid scattering requests and documents in your emails, Whatsapps or workbooks. The form makes it possible to detail his absence and to attach a medical certificate, if applicable.

To scan directly from a tablet or mobile phone all delivery notes and related details. The teams concerned are then notified in real time and consult in a structured manner any possible anomaly including photos and documents.

To structure the follow-up of appointments and centrally access / update the customer’s contact details, visit reports with related audio and photo notes.

To access / update / update a common directory of contacts specific to needs and accessible from a PC or GSM. File business cards, emails, other documents.

To efficiently manage insurance contracts, their premiums, their respective expiry dates and follow up on pending claims. Each card allows you to activate reminders, to consult the details of each insurance and to compare them in the form of tables.

To centralize and efficiently receive the monitoring of services within its teams or with external service providers.

To follow up on inventory anomalies and establish quality reports for teams or third-party suppliers.

To allow your customers or prospects to instantly have a digital copy of your printed matter for later use with, why not, direct access to a digital order form.

To create a secure directory of all logins and codes with URLs or copies of your bank cards.

To structure the taking of quotes and to centralize the customer’s contact details, notes, audio notes and related photos.

To effectively follow up on complaints and documents, avoid the back and forth of incomplete and unstructured emails. This will make it possible to objectify the causes of these complaints in order to identify the most urgent remedies to be provided.

To facilitate the updating, classification and monitoring of expenses by providing a form accessible on mobile for each expense by attaching a photo / scan of the proof of purchase.

To group all the subscriptions with their cost and their expiry date to regularly study their relevance.

Administrative, commercial, logistics, financial …

The solution is at your fingertips

IOS, android and web

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