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Your tailor-made solution without IT development

Plugnotes enables you to automate and digitise your SME's operational workflows by creating digital forms that integrate with your other ERP tools, without any IT development.

More than 88% of companies have inefficient work processes... Why?

Very specific operational processes

Your work processes are specific to your activity and difficult to digitise with a generic software solution.

Fast-changing needs

Your company's operational needs are continually changing and your ERP is not flexible enough to adapt over time.

Expensive software development

You don't have the money or time to spend on developing custom solutions/modules.


Lack of technical skills

Your in-house IT skills are limited and you have little time to work on new projects.

Overcomplicated solutions

Existing solutions require a great deal of configuration and user training.


Limited features

Other software solutions do not offer you the ability to collaborate efficiently with your field teams or with third parties (suppliers, customers, etc.), to work offline or to integrate with existing solutions.

Plugnotes, the solution to your specific needs

Replace Word, Excel and paper forms with digital forms and Plugnotes databases that integrate with all your business tools.

From paper to integration (resized)

How does it actually work?

1. Create your own digital forms

Replace your field operations that still involve carbon paper with powerful, comprehensive digital forms.

Create form
Collect data-1

2. Collect and share your data

Let your field teams or third parties fill in your digital forms. All the data will be immediately saved and classified in the right place. 

3. Analyse and export your data

All your data files can be viewed, analysed and exported (PDF, Excel or Zip) in real time.

Analyze & export-1

4. Integrate with your management tools

Plugnotes integrates with more than 3000 business applications and tools to automate information sharing.

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What our clients say about us

"Plugnotes allows us to keep digital records of the operations we carry out on our clients' premises. It's a fantastic tool that fills the gaps in our ERP."


Barthélemy de Theux
Managing Director | AF Belgium

"Plugnotes helped us to develop a management control tool in no time and to adjust it to the needs of each of our shops. Since we've been working with it, we've increased our margin by 1 percentage point."


Quentin Labrique
Co-Founder & CEO | The Barn

"Plugnotes has allowed us to digitise exchanges with our suppliers, who previously couldn't be integrated into our ERP system. It saves us 40 hours every month."


Michael Winant
Warehouse manager | Facq

"I would recommend Plugnotes to any company that needs to digitise documents on a daily basis. It helps us encode our data twice as fast."

Sara Geldhof

Sara Geldhof
CEO | Yummy Bakery

A story of family and experience

Founded by Vincent de Bruyn, who has extensive experience in the field of distribution and logistics, and Camille de Bruyn, ex-digital consultant, Plugnotes is the perfect complement to ERPs when it comes to the operational needs of SMEs.

We help hundreds of companies to boost their business. With Plugnotes, our customers save on average : 


every month

every month


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