Facilitate mobile capture and effective use of information with digital forms

With Plugnotes, there is no need for development to facilitate mobile capture and efficient use of information thanks to digital forms. In complement to your other ERP tools thanks to the possibilities of unlimited integrations.

Configure in self-service digital forms to optimize operational flows internally or with third parties

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Configure powerful forms

Drag and drop - More than 20 formats: text, date, drop-down lists, numeric, url, telephone, email... - 10+ function formats: formula, geoloc, table, linked databases, signature, external database…

Collect and share data and files

Online or offline - Via mobile apps, web app or browser - Internal or external collaboration - Shared via app, links, QR codes or alphanumeric codes

Analyze and export your databases

Analyze through tables and filter data - See your attachments and their comments via a gallery Export your data and files to Excel, PDF… - Share them with third parties without limits

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Integrate with your other management tools

Unlimited possibilities - Zapier - Associated external database format - Customized webservices - Microsoft Dynamics, Excel, Outlook, Odoo, Salesforce, SAP or any other on-demand solution

80% of SMEs still rely on inefficient workflows including paperwork, transcription work and Excel spreadsheets. And you ?

Very specific business flows

Some flows are too specific to your business and cannot be digitized with generic tools

Rapidly changing needs

Your business operational needs are constantly changing and your ERP lacks flexibility

Too expensive developments

Some tasks are accessory to your core business and developing a tailor-made module / solution would be too laborious

Limited technical skills

IT skills are limited internally with a busy schedule and little time to devote to new projects

Too complex solutions

Current solutions are too complex and require too much training for users

Limited functionality

Current solutions do not allow you to collaborate effectively with teams in the field or with third parties: suppliers, customers, etc.

The inefficiency of your flows has a cost for your business

3 hours lost each week per worker

On average 2,000 euros per month for a team of 5 people

Not to mention the opportunity cost!

With Plugnotes, optimize your company's operational flows without development or heavy investments


Configure forms and databases yourself, without development


Implement the solution within your teams or with third parties in a few hours


Adapt the solution to all the operational needs of your company; logistics, sales, HR...

Reduce your costs

Avoid development, consultancy and license integration expenses by discovering a flexible solution at an advantageous price

Save a lot of time

Organize and digitize your processes to avoid your teams the work of transcription, centralization, research ...

Increase your income

Improve the processes in place and make data-driven decisions to increase the daily ROI of your business

Ligthen your IT teams

Unclog their planning by digitizing certain processes by yourself in a few minutes, without technical skills

Collaborate effectively

Make it available to all your employees and other stakeholders on the field or in the offices for an immediate start, with no training required

Stay up to date

Collect all the data and files related to your activity to easily analyze them and improve your processes, wherever you are

An efficient return on investment

Many teams and enteprises are already convinced

Your turn?

Register for free and start a pilot project without obligation

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Let yourself be guided in complete serenity

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Implementation in less than 4 hours

From configuration to implementation, only 4 hours are needed

800% ROI after the first month

Strengthen the efficiency of your teams and save them an average of 3 hours of work per week per person

Challenge our experts, they will have the solution

share with us the details of the process you want to digitize, we will prepare a demo for you within 48 hours with the solution!