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Facq digitises delivery anomaly reports with Plugnotes

Facq NL
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In brief:

No more carbon paper

40 hours saved every month

Improved communication

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Facq used to complete delivery anomaly reports on paper

Their teams had to fill in paper delivery anomaly reports to record incorrect deliveries, duplicate deliveries, damaged deliveries and so on. This tedious and time-consuming process resulted in frequent loss of information, processing delays and poor traceability.

Facq now has an easy-to-use digital delivery tracking system

  • Facq has put an end to paper waste.
  • Communication with the suppliers is now smoother and streamlined.
  • They benefit from real-time reporting and improved traceability, classification and tracking of reports.

An estimated saving in time and money of :


every month

every month

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"Plugnotes has allowed us to digitise exchanges with our suppliers, who previously couldn't be integrated into our ERP system. It saves us 40 hours every month."

Michael Winant
Warehouse manager | Facq


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