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Collect and share your field data

After setting up your Plugnotes forms, let your field teams or third parties fill them in. Share the information in real time with your customers, suppliers or carriers.

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Add all types of attachments

Online or offline access

Internal and external collaboration

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Gather information in the field via the web or mobile application

  • Via our web platform or mobile app.
  • By your teams in the field or third parties: customers, suppliers, carriers.
  • Gather information with or without internal connection.

Optimise your processes by interacting with all of your company's stakeholders

  • Accelerate the information flow.
  • Send the forms to your field teams or third parties.
  • Share via a link, QR code or alphanumeric code.
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Gather and share information without limits


Rights management

Define access to your forms and reports as public (accessible to all) or restricted to specific people linked to your company. The information is then only available to those who have the right to access it.


Built-in notifications

Both the sender and the recipients can receive a notification by e-mail upon completion of a form. A copy of the form and its attachments is then sent to them by email. With or without a user account.


Online, offline, mobile or web access

Share and gather your information with or without internet connection via our mobile application or online web platform.


Discover Plugnotes for Free

Join an online introductory session to understand how Plugnotes can digitize your specific business processes without IT-development.

Discover all the features

Create forms, share them, have them filled in, analyse and export your data - without having to exit the Plugnotes application.