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AF Belgium digitises service reports with Plugnotes

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In brief:

10 hours to set up

40 hours saved every month

800% ROI

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AF Belgium used to work with paper service reports

AF technicians were using paper service reports when carrying out operations on the customer's premises and for the administration and restocking of spare parts.

This somewhat unreliable process resulted in :

  • Loss or lack of information
  • Multiple customer visits
  • Complex and late invoicing

AF Belgium now handles all service operations quickly and efficiently with Plugnotes

  • Optimised real-time traceability and visibility of field teams
  • Clear and accurate management of the supplies and equipment required for the operations
  • Detailed/complete service reports that both the customer and the company can approve
  • Fast invoicing
An estimated saving in time and money of :


every month

every month

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"Plugnotes is a fantastic tool that fills the gaps in our ERP. It's simply brilliant!"

Barthélemy de Theux
Managing Director | AF Belgium


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