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Elle Belgium digitizes the organisation of the Elle Active Forum with Plugnotes

Elle Active is a forum offering quality content for more than 2000 women who want to balance personal and professional lives and promote their careers. This event takes place during two days in the form of conferences and workshops. With more than 100 speakers, 150 topics and 2000 visitors, the organization of such an event is extensive. This is where Plugnotes comes in…

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Chehoma digitizes its processes with Plugnotes

Wholesaler active in decoration for more than 30 years, Chehoma offers a collection of more than 4000 items, works with 300 suppliers and distributes to thousands of professionals in fifty countries. For several years, Chehoma has felt the need to simplify and digitize the processes in place within their company to improve communication within its teams. That’s when Plugnotes came in.

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The key to being organized easily

How is Tony Stark able to manage an economic empire like Stark International and save the world with Iron Man’s armor? How is Captain America able to remember everything instantly and order his superhero band very well ?
How does Hulk control his frustrations and his little rage to avoid turning into a ferocious beast at an inopportune moment?

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How to make tedious tasks more efficient within your company?

From one company to another, the missions and the content vary. In addition to the elements related to the core business of your company, other tasks are tedious but essential for its proper functioning: management of absences, cleaning, monitoring of equipment, breakage or even administrative procedures. How to manage those without wasting too much time and without cluttering the daily routine of your business? Here’s the answer!

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The missing piece in information management for businesses

After exchanging with entrepreneurs about the organizational problems that they encountered in their daily lives that we decided to develop Plugnotes, a solution that reinvents information and file management for freelancers and companies “on-the-go ”, the market’s forgotten ones.

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The horeca can count on Plugnotes

As part of the new ‘Covid’ obligations for restaurateurs, Plugnotes has decided to come forward by offering them a simple, fast and efficient solution. Le Café des Minimes, Martine, Wolf, Wallen and others have already adopted it !

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Hierarchy, a no no in today’s professional world?

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much”- Helen Keller. Businesses today look for the best means to achieve success in business yet they choose to do the opposite. Hierarchy of authority is what prevents them from maximizing their potential.

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Apps that help Plugnotes in being Plugnotes

At our small, fast moving company everyone seems to be juggling with work whether it is coding our software, designing social media posts, marketing, communicating with customers and other third parties, and strategizing the company’s short term and long term objectives.

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How does Plugnotes add in to the Microsoft Excel Experience ?

Excel has been a blessing ever since it was introduced to the world. And yet we wonder what made it so special and why do people largely depend on Excel? The answer is pretty clear. It is the solution to all our problems. Problems like adding up 2 plus 2 or conducting the financial analysis of a billion dollars worth of investment in some multinational giant. Excel has our back.

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How S-MI digitized its after-sales service with Plugnotes

Ensuring an irreproachable after-sales service is essential for all companies that are involved in the sale of equipment. In this article, discover how a major player in distribution optimized this fluid x with Plugnotes . Can’t wait to

CMR transport: how to archive them?

Archiving transport CMRs is essential for all companies that are involved in the cross-border delivery of goods. This is how a major player in the distribution solved this problem with Plugnotes . Can’t wait to learn more? Contact

A story


A story of family, life and experience

I really like our story because Plugnotes was born from an association between my dad, an entrepreneur in distribution and logistics, and myself, formerly a digital consultant.

I like to explain that my dad imagined and had his teams develop a first version of this solution several years ago. In view of the results of its implementation within his own company, he dreamed of marketing it.

Today, our team and our solution have already enabled several companies to simplify their operational daily life, without any effort or any technical development.

Looking forward to meeting you, I wish you a pleasant reading …


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