The Red Cross automates the monitoring of reports in vaccination centers and ambulance management

In summary

+ 100 hours saved each month for the complaints team

3500% return on investment after one month

Reports that are easy to find, consult and analyze


In the context of the Covid crisis, the Belgian Red Cross set up vaccination centers in no time. Following their vaccination activities, certain information must be submitted to the authorities: the resources they commit, the number of vaccines administered, etc. Very quickly, they realize that the coordination teams of these centers juggle e-mails, calls, SMS, and WhatsApp. The information should then be compiled and shared with COCOOM.


In less than 6 hours, Plugnotes enabled the Red Cross to optimize this process by configuring digital forms. The form can then be sent to the coordinators of the vaccination centers via a URL link, a QR code or directly in the application. The information collected can be viewed by officials of the Red Cross and instantly transmitted to COCOOM.


Plugnotes has enabled the Red Cross to do away with inefficient information exchange and transcription work. Information now flows efficiently through structured forms and reports.

In images, in pictures

"With Plugnotes, I effortlessly collect and view reports. I can instantly share them with third parties, without imposing a system on them."

Head of Belgian Red Cross

Raphael Schmidt

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