The Barn digitizes the follow-up of receipts and delivery anomalies with Plugnotes

In summary

4 hours of implementation for 40 hours saved each month

+30 Plugnotes completed every day and 500% ROI after one month

Reports that are easy to find, consult and analyze


At The Barn, as elsewhere, daily deliveries of goods are theoretically easy to manage, but the reality is often different. Tracking the missing items, the broken items or the unseated products is always a big challenge. Without reaction and good documentation, these incidents quickly become the nightmare of inventory managers and accountants when checking and paying invoices or requesting credit notes. Everything was done manually: the receipts were stored in filing cabinets in each store and analyzed one by one when paying invoices and analyzing margins by store. This is when Plugnotes comes into play.


In less than 4 hours, Plugnotes enabled The Barn to automate this process by configuring digital forms. Since then, receptionists can scan and electronically classify documents to track anomalies by attaching photos directly, if necessary.


Plugnotes represents several advantages for The Barn:

The configuration is simplified: thanks to the drag and drop for the configuration of the form

Accessibility: the form is accessible to all staff members from a smartphone or tablet

Efficiency: each reception completed then becomes information that can be activated and consulted by the teams in the form of a dynamic sheet or Excel tables: reports, lists, analyzes, etc.

Simplicity: no technical experience required and very little training for the teams using the system

Centralization: the method can then be duplicated for other needs: monitoring absences, monitoring contracts, directory of supplier contacts, inventories, dissemination of documentation, etc.

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"Plugnotes allowed us to develop a management control tool in no time and adapt it to the needs of each store."

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