S-MI digitizes equipment monitoring and management of customer after-sales complaints with Plugnotes

In summary

4 hours of implementation for +20 hours saved each month for the team in charge of complaints

+30 Plugnotes completed every day and 300% ROI after one month

Reports that are easy to find, consult and analyze


Recently, S-MI decided to expand its distribution activity to include after-sales service. Faced with the reality and the urgency of their customers, S-MI can no longer conceive of letting them manage breakdowns, technical faults and other problems related to large tools. Despite the use of an ERP, it was not possible to digitize the monitoring of this new activity, forcing S-MI to manage its files with paper files, e-mails and phone calls.


In less than 4 hours, Plugnotes allowed S-MI to automate this process by configuring digital forms. Technicians can now receive service requests via Plugnotes, consult the technical details of the machine before going on site and document the intervention when it takes place. The client (non-user) can easily enter service requests and view reports.


S-MI was able to fill the gaps of an ERP by configuring by themselves a tailor-made solution to their new needs. Teams can now collaborate effectively with their customers and provide quality service.

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"S-MI digitized the management of an after-sales service quickly, without development thanks to Plugnotes."

Managing Director S-MI

Baudouin Durieux

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