Kanigen digitizes production cycle monitoring and product traceability with Plugnotes

In summary

4 hours of implementation for 40 hours saved each month

5 Plugnotes completed every day and 1,400% ROI after one month

Reports that are easy to find, consult and analyze


Kanigen is responsible for tracing parts throughout the cycle for deliveries, processing and shipping to ensure there are no issues. This process ranges from validating the quality of parts at each stage of production to proving the quality of parts upon leaving the depot in the event of customer complaints. Until a few months ago, this process was followed using a notepad and a camera. This implied nearly 2 hours per day of transcribing and classifying images. Not to mention the time needed to find the information in the event of a complaint


In less than 6 hours, Plugnotes allowed Kanigen to automate this process by configuring digital forms. The quality team was able to optimize these tasks by digitizing them at the source. The received parts are now encoded in Plugnotes via their references and photographed, the delivery documents are immediately scanned and customers then receive an acknowledgment of receipt.


Throughout production, quality checks must be carried out and encoded such as temperature, size, shape, etc. Photos / videos are taken to serve as evidence which will enable the information collected to be analyzed, a work that before took a long time but which today, thanks to Plugnotes, saves them time. In the event of a problem, information can be retrieved instantly through the search engine and, if necessary, reports or complete files can be shared with third parties without the need to transcribe them.

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"Plugnotes is now an integral part of our production cycle and allows us to communicate effectively internally with our customers."

Quality Manager at Kanigen

Raf Boonen

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