FACQ digitizes the management of deliveries and the follow-up of anomalies with its suppliers with Plugnotes

In summary

43 hours saved each month for the complaints team

1200% return on investment after one month

Reports that are easy to find, consult and analyze


Despite their efforts, Facq realized that its depot teams were still facing some inefficient information flows. In particular with regard to communication with their suppliers when monitoring delivery complaints: anomalies, missing products, delivery errors and delays. Everything was managed by paper form, scan, email and telephone. Reports were complicated to follow, errors multiple and analysis impossible to extract.


In less than 10 hours, Plugnotes enabled Facq to automate this process by configuring digital forms. They can now transmit information instantly to the supplier (non-user), collect their responses in a structured way and extract analysis reports.


Facq's internal teams and their external partners collaborate easily and efficiently. Facq was thus able to fill the shortcomings of their ERP with less effort and budget. Finally, all the teams were able to help set up Plugnotes and customize the solution to their specific needs.

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"Plugnotes has enabled us to digitize the exchange with our suppliers, which was not yet integrated into our ERP."

Logistics Director of Facq

Baptiste Vandendael

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