ALS Déménagement digitizes the taking of quotes from their customers and the monitoring of inventories with Plugnotes

In summary

2 hours of implementation for 15 hours saved each month

700% ROI after one month

Reports that are easy to find, consult and analyze


The company was recently taken over by three partners who aim to ensure continuity of service and dream of optimizing existing processes. Despite quality work that was greatly appreciated by their clients, management spent too much time managing the administrative follow-up of files using paper notes, photos, downloads and transcriptions to Excel or email. Not to mention the risk of errors that accompanies these manual and repetitive tasks: loss of information, misinterpretation of notes, etc.


In less than 2 hours, Plugnotes allowed ALS to automate this process by configuring digital forms allowing to:

Take notes and photos of the inventory at the customer's place, comment on the photos with details of the goods, centralize information in one place, simplify the creation of quotes by exporting information to Excel, send the completed form to the customer to verify that the inventory is complete, send a copy of the file to the mover, consult data and files using tables and reports, archive the whole for later consultation ...


Today, everyone is saving time with this new implementation. Indeed, when a member of the ALS team comes to a client for a quote, he lists the items by completing the Plugnotes form on his smartphone. He attaches photos of the articles and comments on them if necessary. Back at the office, he easily finalizes the quote with all the data centralized. Finally, he shares the file easily with his client, who does not have to be a Plugnotes user to access it. It's better no ?

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"Plugnotes gives us the flexibility that ALS needs in a constantly changing environment."

Managing Partner ALS

Ignatius de Bruyn

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