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On the field

Do your teams still use notepads and paper documents and waste time transcribing and retrieving information?
Plugnotes is the best way to enter data on the field. With digital forms created in self-service and accessible via the app or with qr-codes, allow them to enter data and files by completing it directly into the right part of a multi- dimensional database. They can then better manage and exchange data and files with the rest of the stakeholders.

In offices

Do your teams collaborate by email, paper and telephone and waste too much time finding and using data and files linked to day-to-day operations?
With Plugnotes, allow them to manage and consult these data and files in a centralized, organized and efficient way. With digital forms created in self-service, allow them to organize the collection, distribution and updating of data and files. They can then consult and update them in the form of structured directories or tables, centralizing data and files.

Retail and distribution

Allow teams in the field to capture and consult data and files on the go: cards, notes, photos, scans …


Automate your manual procedures in a few minutes and finish with notes and paper documents: security procedures, quality monitoring …


Distribute the roadmaps with your carriers and allow them to send you the trip logbook, the documents received from a mobile device / tablet!


Create management control tools in minutes. Allow your teams to feed your files automatically and collaborate with third parties.


For each customer context and each need, configure an MVP solution in a few minutes for your customers and digitize their procedures at a lower cost.


Centralize structured directories of your members including their contact details, official documents … Allow them to file new documents in your files as appropriate.


Digitize the management of your business in a few minutes to always have the right information at your fingertips from a tablet: customer files, storage spaces, taking quotes …


Allow your visitors to instantly consult, via QR-codes, structured directories that you have shared with them: business cards, presentations, etc.


With each update of a customer file or insurance policy extension, be notified of your customers’ request and update your system instantly!

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