Optimise operational worflows for your SME without development investement delay

Facilitate the mobile capture and efficient use of data and files. Quick integration and implementation with your other tools.

Reduce your costs

Avoid development, consultancy and license integration expenses by discovering a flexible solution at an advantageous price

Save a lot of time

Organize and digitize your processes to avoid your teams the work of transcription, centralization, research ...

Increase your income

Improve the processes in place and make data-driven decisions to increase the daily ROI of your business

Ligthen your IT teams

Unclog their planning by digitizing certain processes by yourself in a few minutes, without technical skills

Collaborate effectively

Make it available to all your employees and other stakeholders on the field or in the offices for an immediate start, with no training required

Stay up to date

Collect all the data and files related to your activity to easily analyze them and improve your processes, wherever you are

A simple and flexible interface

To organize information flows with ease

Client challenges resolved
Completed Plugnotes
Saved / month / SME

An efficient return on investment

Many teams and enteprises are already convinced

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1. Free registration

Register on Plugnotes. You will be contacted by our team to supervise your test period for free. Test the web and mobile applications for two weeks. You will enjoy immediate benefits and unparalleled inspiration, without commitment.


2. Simple and efficient configuration

Digitize your processes by configuring digital forms yourself. Integrate Plugnotes with your other IT tools. All this, without technical skills and in no time. Our team remains at your disposal to support you throughout your experience.

travailleur on-the-go

3.immediate implementation

Once configured, share the digital forms with your teams or third parties from a smartphone or a computer. User or not, they will be able to share or consult you data and files instantly. No training is required and the results are immediate.

With Plugnotes, we have digitized logistics processes that were until now impossible to deal with our ERP

Gregory, business manager of import-EXPORT

An efficient return on investment

Many teams and enteprises are already convinced

The solution is at your fingertips

IOS, android and web

Subscribe to Plugnotes and test it for free for 14 days . Schedule a meeting with our team to optimize your experience.

App store

Available on all your iOS devices: iPhone, iPad...

google play

Available on all your Android devices: Samsung, Lenovo...


Available on your browsers via the web app

Frequently asked questions before getting started

take the step, you will discover the benefits of Plugnotes

If you are here, it is because like most SMEs, your ERP does not allow you to digitize all of your processes. Lack of time, budget, specialization or functionality.

Unlike other computer systems, Plugnotes allows you to digitalize your flows in a few minutes, without technical skills and without limits. Integrate Plugnotes with ease thanks to our connection with more than 2000 tools.

Plugnotes is the simplest and most flexible solution to manage the challenges related to the exploitation of information and files. The Plugnotes’ tools help you digitize the processes in your enterprise, your teams, with clients or third parties.

The main benefits of Plugnotes are:

  • Low integration costs: integrate Plugnotes from 125 euros per month and avoid the costs of implementing or editing an ERP
  • No barrier to entry: the implementation of Plugnotes takes only a few minutes and is non-binding
  • No IT skills required: digitize your teams without training or effort
  • Integration with your existing tools: Excel imports and exports, scanner, connection with Clouds …

It sometimes seems easier to keep the situation in the status quo and continue with bad habits: paperwork, transcripts, excels …

But is it really the best thing for your business?

The answer is no ! An inefficient workflow can waste 3 hours of work per person per week. So ? When are you starting?

You are probably worried about the time required to start a new project: training, communication …

And we understand you! This is why Plugnotes was designed to be extremely easy to configure, implement and use.

Allow 4 hours, counting your first meeting with us, to have digitized 3 processes and discover the first results.

On average, the investment of the monthly subscription is reimbursed in less than a week!

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