Frequently Asked Questions


Information management is optimized with Plugnotes. Classic cloud solutions offer a solution to “where?” to organize your documents to keep them at your fingertips. But given the accumulation of the number of information and files to store, it becomes increasingly tedious to find them. Even more for the teams on the field: in the warehouse, on the road, on-site, on trade shows … 

Plugnotes decided to focus on “how?”to classify files and information efficiently to find the right information when needed.

Plugnotes is the simplest and most flexible solution to manage the challenges related to the exploitation of information and files. The Plugnotes’ tools help you digitize the processes in your enterprise, your teams, with clients or third parties.

The main benefits of Plugnotes are:

  • Low integration costs: integrate Plugnotes from 125 euros per month and avoid the costs of implementing or editing an ERP
  • No barrier to entry: the implementation of Plugnotes takes only a few minutes and is non-binding
  • No IT skills required: digitize your teams without training or effort
  • Integration with your existing tools: Excel imports and exports, scanner, connection with Clouds …

Thanks to its ease of use and flexibility, Plugnotes is aimed at all those who wish to simplify the management of their files and information.

Plugnotes has been designed especially for freelancers and “mobile” business. In other words, those who are on the field and do not spend 100% of their time behind a computer. Their flows of information and files are often more complex to manage.

Thanks to Plugnotes, digitize and organize efficiently, without much effort, the daily management of files and information within your company, your teams or with third parties.

With Plugnotes, update and exchange information in all circumstances, through forms, structured directories and a unique exchange system. No limits, no technical development.

Let yourself be guided by thefolder / form templatesproposed by Plugnotes or configure your own folders / forms according to more specific needs.

Computerize your business or complete your IT ecosystem without resorting to any IT development with Plugnotes.

In just a few minutes, thanks to drag and drop and import and export, configure your environment without the slightest line of code.

The Cloud is a data storage solution that replaces the “hard drive” with external servers. Its advantages are numerous: permanent data backup, secure access to its storage from any device and anywhere, simplified collaboration, efficient sharing … Some applications are well known such as: Dropbox, Google Drive, Share Point …

In addition to the classic features of cloud storage solutions, Plugnotes offers more benefits :

  • Almost instant implementation of an organization of your data according to your specific classification needs.
  • Structured folders to import or configure which make the classic hierarchy and nomenclature of directories obsolete.
  • Centralized information and file storage.
  • Global search engine that makes it easy to find information at any time.
  • ….

Share the form of one of your files with third parties via a link, code or QR-code. By completing the form and / or attaching files to it, the third party Plugnote will be automatically classified in the correct folder and you will be notified.

Third parties may or may not themselves be users of Plugnotes.

Share a Plugnote (a structured directory) with third parties via a link, code or QR-code. You define whether this access is limited to specific people or not and define their rights on this Plugnote.

Third parties may or may not be users of Plugnotes.

Transform an Excel database into an accessible dynamic database, easy to update, collaborative …

mport your files in one click and create a database accessible on all your devices in the form of dynamic files or a table.

Import your data in spreadsheet format (Excel, Google Sheet, Office …), from websites or from other Plugnotes users.

Import files in one click from other Clouds, Photo Libraries, websites, mail, …

Export data and files as spreadsheets or make a raw export of your files.


Simply download the app for free from the Apple Store or Google Store to create your account.
For independent use, all you need to do is create an account and start the adventure by importing template forms. You can then start organizing your classification.
For an enterprise use, please contact us for tailor-made support.

Iphone, ipad: Yes

Android, Tablet: Yes

Web: Yes

Les versions Desktop PC et MAC sont disponibles à la demande pour utilisateurs “entreprise”. Veuillez nous contacter pour plus d’informations.

It depends on your subscription. For a free, private or pro pack, count 20 minutes to set up your account, create your first folders and import template forms. The next few times, count 10 times less time.

For a business subscription, count about 2 hours after our first appointment, to set up the first practical cases.


For private and pro subscriptions, the subscription is monthly. So you can end it whenever you want. For enterprise subscriptions, we ask for a minimum 12-months commitment.

The pro subscription offers a ready-to-use solution with features tailored to the needs of an independent worker.

The enterprise subscription offers tailor-made solutions with personalized support. It matches the needs of independent workers who request support, teams and companies.

In case you want to leave Plugnotes, you can export and erase all your data from our systems. Your export will be structured in folders including a summary table, a list of your Plugnotes and a list of your appendices
We are committed to deleting all your data, which will only be retained for a temporary back-up (a few weeks). Under no circumstances will your data be analyzed and used.

You can subscribe to one of our private or pro subscriptions directly via the website, either because you want to, or because you have reached the usage thresholds for your subscription. You can see your thresholds in your app’s settings.

To switch to an Enterprise subscription, please contact us.


Your stored information and files are hosted on secure servers. You don’t have to manage anything.

If you have an Enterprise subscription, you can request accommodation on your servers. Contact us to discuss this.

yes. Under no circumstances will Plugnotes or third parties have access to your stored data and files. This storage is private and only for you. Once deleted, wes still do not have access to your information.

Challenge our experts, they will have the solution

share with us the details of the process you want to digitize, we will prepare a demo for you within 48 hours with the solution!