Digitize your daily operational life without IT development

Plugnotes allows you to digitize and automate processes requiring mobile capture or efficient use of data and files – without code or training

Implementation in a matter of hours

Thanks to its ease of use, be autonomous and efficient from day one. No more laborious and expensive IT developments.

In addition to your existing tools

Thanks to its universal structure, integrate Plugnotes with your existing tools to automate the transfer to and from other tools.

Serving all your teams

Thanks to its flexibility, give a solution specific to each need within your company, without new training.

Gestion d'informations et fichiers

A no-code solution to digitize all your needs related to operation and exchange information and files


Digital classification of all your documents, unique storage of all your information, tracking of expenses and purchase invoices, timesheets, supplier directory, follow-up of contract, procedures and manuals, insurances...

Commercial and sourcing

Implementation visit reports for agents on the road, clients directories, managing customer requests and complaints, digital spreading of commercial support, management of technical sheets for products...


insurance monitoring, accident monitoring, archiving of meeting minutes, etc.

Human Resources

Tracking absences for staff, managing insurances and incidents, updating staff records.


Digital spreading of documentation, tracking incidents or anomalies in a warehouse, dispatching of carriers, tracking equipment and manuals...


management of expense reports and purchase invoices, updating of tax / VAT files, monitoring of bank loans, management of subscriptions, etc.

Organize and digitize processes

to implement solutions tailored to your challenges

Simplified configuration

No more technical developments. Set up the tool as you need it with drag and drop.

a common method

By creating forms, digitize processes and allow your teams to implement tailor-made solutions themselves.

Centralization of needs

Centralize the management and exploitation of all information and files related to a multitude of needs in a single tool.

Classify and exploit data and files

more efficiently for a better productivity

standardized classification

No more nomenclatures and complex hierarchies. With forms, simply standardize classification as structured directories.

the right information at the right time

Don't waste any more time searching for your information. With a global search engine, always find what you're looking for when you need it.

in the format of your choice

View information and files in the form of structured records (Plugnotes), whose formats are functional. Or export them as Excel tables.

Collect and spread without limits

within your company and with third parties

structured collaboration

With the use of digital forms, delegate the classification to your teams. The information will be classified according to the same structure in the files.

under all circumstances

Your structured records or forms are accessible in all circumstances thanks to QR-codes, alphanumeric codes or links.

with anyone

The spreading and collecting also extends to non-users, who can collaborate via a browser, without the application.

With Plugnotes, we have digitalized logistics processes. Which until now was impossible to deal with, with a conventional ERP.

Samir, Director

In practice

98% of the challenges of clients have been solved. Your turn?

The Barn

Warehouse: Follow-up of deliveries

Learn how Plugnotes helped The Barn centralize the follow-up of their deliveries. Allowing their accounting team to easily implement an audit and management control tool.

Elle Belgique

Conferences: share presentations

Learn how the ELLE Active Forum uses Plugnotes to prepare for its event, collect speaker details and share presentation materials with visitors on D-Day.


Commercial agents: Visit reports

Find out how Chehoma implemented a tailor-made solution to obtain visiting reports from its agents around the world. Without any training or learning required.

A price tailored to your business

A tailor-made offer based on your specific needs

The essentials

0 Per month
  • 100 Plugnotes

team use

125 Per month
  • 5 users
  • 250 GB of storage
  • 25.000 Plugnotes
  • 250 completed shared forms
  • 250 completed shared forms
  • Unlimited collaboration
  • Assistance

Corporate use

Tailor-made pricing
On demand
  • Number of users
  • Storage capacity
  • Unlimited collaboration
  • 250 completed shared forms
  • Specific integrations / connexions
  • Development
  • Personal Assistance

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