Integrate Plugnotes with other tools to automate your workflows

Integration with 3,000+ applications without development

Thanks to Zapier, Plugnotes can be integrated with more than 3,000 web applications such as the Microsoft suite (Excel, Word...), Google, Odoo, Salesforce...

Customized web services on demand

If your company works with ERP or other tools not available on Zapier, Plugnotes can also be integrated via webservices customized to your needs.

Automations and instant data transfer

With integrations, automate data transfer to and from Plugnotes. Automate sending emails, updating files and Excels and many more

Integrations for all your needs

and generate automations with your favorite tools

update an excel file

open a form on a delivery note

file documents in a server / cloud

all your wildest wishes!

Enable appointments in outlook

import and update customer records

Update analysis reports

Plugnotes vous permet de résoudre les défis opérationnels de votre entreprise en digitalisant des processus en quelques minutes et sans le moindre développement.

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