Your solution to optimize the collection and management of information flows without IT development

Configure forms to digitize and automate processes requiring mobile capture or efficient use of data and files, without code or training.

Implementation in a matter of hours

Thanks to its ease of use, be autonomous and efficient from day one. No more laborious and expensive IT developments.

In addition to your existing tools

Thanks to its universal structure, integrate Plugnotes into your existing tools (Exxcel, ERP ...) to automate the transfer to and from other tools.

Serving all your teams

Thanks to its flexibility, give a solution specific to each need within your company, without new training.

A simple method

to create forms, structured directories and benefit from an innovative exchange system

1. Digitize information flows with forms

Configure digital forms to digitize and organize your workflows to simplify your daily operational life.


2. Organize & centralize the capture of information

In all circumstances, Plugnotes makes it easy to collect and share information and files. Allow third parties, users or not, to complete the form and attach the associated documents. Information and files will instantly be filed in the correct folder, as it should be.

3. Exploit and analyze the processes

Take action based on the data collected. Allow your teams to view or update information in real time from a mobile or PC. This information can be viewed on a dashboard or instantly exported to Excel / PDF or an ERP.

4. Share informations internally and externally

Allow third parties, users or not, to consult structured directories of information and files. They can save the link or copy the Plugnote in their own archives

5. Integrate other tools and automate your flows

Integrate Plugnotes into your existing tools to automate your workflows and allow your teams to be even more productive: Microsoft 365, Google Sheets, ERPs … Connect your tools in a few minutes using Zapier or contact us for an inventory of your tools. Our team will do what is necessary to connect your systems to ensure maximum fluidity.

Advantages for your SME

to complete your Excel, ERP tools ...

Centralized databases

In a single application, allow your teams to address different operational needs. Always following the same method and without surprises.

Online and offline

Allow your employees to feed databases wherever they are. From a smartphone, tablet or PC, online or offline.

formats adapted to your needs

To configure your forms, take advantage of formats designed by SMEs, for SMEs: drop-down list, tables, formulas, pre-completion ...

Internally and externally

Collaborate effectively within your teams and also exchange information with third parties, even if they are not yet Plugnotes users. Through links, QR-codes or codes.

The solution is at your fingertips

IOS, android and web

App store

Available on all your iOS devices: iPhone, iPad...

google play

Available on all your Android devices: Samsung, Lenovo...


Available on your browsers via the web app

Your turn?

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Implementation in less than 4 hours

From configuration to implementation, only 4 hours are needed

800% ROI after the first month

Strengthen the efficiency of your teams and save them an average of 3 hours of work per week per person

Challenge our experts, they will have the solution

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