A simple method

forms, structured directories and an innovative exchange system

to organize

For each type of classification, create a folder by selecting or customizing a form. Each form will be used as a template to structure the classification of all your data and documents. 


Delegate the classification of information by sharing your form with third parties through a Plugcode (link, code or Qr-code). By completing the form and appending the related documents, the information will be stored straight into the correct folder. The benefit ? They can access the form, even without being a user.


Classify and import data or appendages in Plugnotes from a website or other applications (mail, drive…). You can then display them as a dynamic record, a list or generate an Excel table within a click.


Easily share a Plugnote with third parties in all circumstances with a Plugcode (link, code or QR-code). They will be able to save the link or copy the Plugnote into their own archives. The benefit ? They can access it by scanning the QR-code for example, even without having the application.

Key features

for greater efficiency and productivity



Update and exchange information with forms that will replace nomenclatures, hierarchies and emails



Forget the constant exchange of emails with third parties. Ask them to complete your form. Their Plugnote will be classified directly in the right folder


global research

By indexing your information, find the right information at the right time, always structured as it should be

Iphone MockUp
Stockage de données et fichiers


For each need, through these forms, file data and attach files directly to a Plugnote



Don't be limited by exchanging links and emails. Spread your Plugnotes through codes or QR-codes in all circumstances

Export Excel


With the app, generate an Excel table to view the Plugnotes of a folder. The attachments will be directly accessible as links in the table


Structured collaboration

Share folders and their Plugnotes. You'll all use the same structure/ form to classify information and files

Cloud sécurisé

Secure cloud

Access your information wherever you are from your app or computer

Méthode simple

A simple method

Simple learning without any technical skills required

Always at your fingertips

IOS, android,desktop and soon web

App store

Available on all your iOS devices: iPhone, iPad...

google play

Available on all your Android devices: Samsung, Lenovo...


Available on demand on your Windows devices (soon on MAC)

For a better productivity

within your company and with third parties

"With Plugnotes, I feel guided in the day-to-day management of my business. I centralized the classification of my information and files to always have them at my fingertips."


"In a matter of minutes, Plugnotes allowed us to digitize the tracking of delivery vouchers and simplify invoice tracking, without training or development required."

Financial partner

"Plugnotes allows us to simplify the organization of one of our biggest events by structuring the collection and sharing of information through forms."

event manager

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